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SysPro Consulting

Where the Software Meets the Hardware


About SysPro Consulting

SysPro Consulting, LLC was formed in 2001 with a charter to provide software engineering consulting services to clients in need of systems-level software engineering expertise. Since its inception, SysPro Consulting has provided consulting services to a wide variety of clientele, ranging from one-man startup companies to large international corporations. The primary focus has always been on the development of

low-level software and firmware - essentially any code that interacts directly with the underlying hardware.


Today SysPro Consulting consists of a team of senior-level consultants. Currently our core focus is the development of custom bootloader solutions for Intel-based hardware as alternatives to a full UEFI BIOS.

We also have extensive experience with device drivers and software/firmware for embedded systems. 

About SysPro Consulting

About Us

Why use SysPro Consulting?

Why SysPro


Tired of dealing with buggy code?

SysPro Consulting has a reputation for delivering high-quality drivers, firmware, and software that has been thoroughly tested and debugged.

Having trouble debugging a nasty problem?  

SysPro Consulting has years of experience debugging complex software and hardware problems as well as software/hardware interaction issues using a variety of tools and techniques.

Need software engineering resources that understand

how software and hardware work together?  

SysPro Consulting specializes in developing low-level software that interacts directly with the underlying hardware. SysPro Consulting also works with its clients to review and debug their hardware designs.


Find out more about our services and clients below.


Our Services

Our Sevices

SysPro Consulting provides software, firmware, and hardware engineering consulting services to clients across military, industrial, commercial, consumer market segments. SysPro Consulting specializes in the development of custom bootloader firmware solutions for Intel-based hardware as alternatives to a full UEFI BIOS. SysPro Consulting also has extensive experience in device driver development and embedded systems programming.

All engineering services are provided on a purely time and materials consulting basis. All resulting software and firmware solutions and hardware designs are released to clients royalty-free at the conclusion of every project.

Contact us for more information about our core areas of expertise and how SysPro Consulting can provide solutions to your complex software, firmware, and hardware engineering challenges!

Boot Loaders

Embedded systems typically need to boot fast, and a full UEFI BIOS is typically overkill. SysPro Consulting has extensive experience developing embedded boot firmware solutions. Using the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP), SysPro Consulting can provide highly custom optimized firmware implementations based on open source projects such as Coreboot or the Intel® Slim Bootloader, or can develop a completely custom boot loader implementation, depending on your specific project requirements.

Boot Loaders

Device Drivers

Whether your need specialized drivers development for Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX or other RTOSes, SysPro Consulting has the experience to create robust and highly optimized device drivers for your custom hardware!

Device Drivers



Embedded Systems

From real-time control systems to high end communications equipment, SysPro Consulting can develop custom software for your application.



Hardware Engineeing

Need help designing your hardware? Need an expert to review your hardware designs before going to production? Having difficulty bringing up your hardware once it's been manufactured?

SysPro Consulting has the hardware engineering expertise to quickly identify the root cause of complex problems with Intel-based hardware designs and provide solutions to get your hardware up and running fast. SysPro Consulting can also provide 1:1 training in advanced hardware design and debug techniques.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

"SysPro Consulting is being presented with a Small Business Supplier of the Year Award for Program Execution Excellence" ... "SysPro has been instrumental in the F-35 TR3 programs; both Integrated Core Processor (ICP) and Panoramic Cockpit Display (PCD). SysPro has supported L3Harris in pivotal design efforts on fundamental software on these programs. The firm's vigilance and devotion to L3Harris warrants the highest recognition." ... "From the most tactical to their leadership, SysPro displays solid concern for the TR3 program." ... "The vendor's continuous improvements greatly supports L3Harris in the pursuit to exceed customer expectations." ... "SysPro is integral to the TR3 board bring up and is always looking for ways they can help out the program." ... "SysPro understands L3Harris' strong commitment to our customer..."

- L3Harris Technologies Small Business Supplier of the Year Awards Ceremony, July 10, 2019

"SysPro Consulting is super knowledgeable about Windows system architecture, device driver development, testing, and certification. They helped us resolve several very complex and difficult to reproduce driver issues and dramatically improved our driver stability. SysPro also helped us save a lot of time, money and headache by sharing their experience setting up a Windows Hardware Certification testing environment in-house."
- Mark MacVicar, Former Quality Assurance Manager at Imagination Technologies
“We have had a great experience using SysPro Consulting's services. SysPro delivers on their promises. They have helped us complete some advanced optimizations for our performance-critical driver and has assisted us through Microsoft's certification process. Their breadth of experience has proved invaluable to delivering a fast, rock-solid driver to our customers. I would gladly recommend SysPro Consulting to anyone needing a Windows driver expert.”
- Sean Gies, Software Engineering Manager at Caustic Graphics, Inc.
"We have been very pleased with the deliverables received from SysPro Consulting. In every project that they have taken on for us, they have quickly understood our requirements, provided concise lists of deliverables, and produced software on schedule to run our equipment. SysPro has a wealth of knowledge on multiple hardware platforms, whether they be 8032 series processors, PICs, or embedded PCs. We will continue to use SysPro Consulting for the foreseeable future for our software development needs, because the value provided is absolutely necessary for our future growth."

- Hanns Lindberg, President at Hybond, Inc.
"SysPro Consulting is top rate in their field. I used SysPro services on a large project that required a knowledge of electronics, optics, drivers, and a complete redesign from a collection of single unit models to a world wide remote monitoring and serviceable system. Their very professional and thorough approach allowed them to quickly grasp the current situation, understand the future desires, and recommend a new systems approach that would create an order of magnitude improvement. Their detailed experience in drivers and deep industry knowledge of the Windows operating system and its future direction allowed them to design a driver for the system that would remain viable for a long time. I would gladly recommend SysPro Consulting to anyone in need of their services."
- Duane Banning, Former Engineering Manager at Southwall Technologies, Inc.
"We had a product that communicated to the host computer via custom drivers. We had significant difficulty migrating the drivers to a new Microsoft Windows operating system version. We called on SysPro Consulting for help. Not only was the work completed as estimated and on time, they did “magic” in the driver stack outside of the standard knowledge-base to realize the solution. After weeks of struggling, SysPro applied inside knowledge that solved the problem. Our only issue was that we had not called them sooner!"
- Alan Daley, Software Engineer at Adtron Corporation

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3057 E. Muirfield Street

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